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Welcome to the STOP Study


The purpose of the STOP (Successful Treatment of Paranoia) study is to investigate the effects of a mobile phone App to help people manage feelings of paranoia in a way that is less distressing and disruptive to their lives.

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Watch our Welcome Video

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Why are we doing the study?

Paranoia can be one of the most disabling psychological experiences. It can cause distress, other mental health problems, and problems in work, family, and social situations.

STOP involves reading text that invites paranoid thoughts, but then teaches people to respond in an alternative, less paranoid, and less distressing way. A previous study using a similar treatment delivered on a desktop computer has shown promising results, and participants told us that taking part was a positive experience.


The STOP study will transform the desktop therapy into a more engaging and accessible mobile phone App for a wider range of people.

In this Clinical Trial we will recruit people who experience distressing paranoia in England. We will compare STOP with a control group where people just read text. Everyone will carry on receiving their usual treatment throughout the trial. We will measure any changes in paranoia after every treatment session and follow up with people for 3 months to see if any benefits are lasting.

How will the study work?

STOP Study mobile app for paranoia treatment
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